I am passionate about creating compelling experiences for immersive media and XR. Currently I am interested in joining a team of like minded creatives pushing the boundaries of possibility in innovative interaction and design.

Smuggler’s Dilemma TPS

Tools Used:

Unity, C#, FMOD Studio

  • Created Third Person Shooter Game Lesson For Game Audio Institute for Students learning Audio Implementation with FMOD Studio
  • Lead Developer For Project using Unity and C# and FMOD Studio
    • Level Design using existing assets (kitbashing), Animation Configuration, Character Import, Modification & Rigging
    • Lighting, Materials, Textures, and VFX implementation
    • Level Interactions, Pickups, Objects, UI Configuration
    • Audio and Music System Design Configuration – Sound Design and Music Composition
  • Supervised Student Interns that assisted with AI, TPS system refactoring and Other tasks
  • Produced Step By Step Documentation and Video Tutorials
This project is not a shipping game but what we call a game lesson, which is in the form of a Unity project and designated for game audio students, teachers and schools interested in learning the skills of working with audio middleware using FMOD Studio, and its integration inside the project. This is a classroom tested product and has been purchased by dozens if not hundreds of game audio students at various schools in the US and elsewhere.

This project has gone through a lot of revisions and was based on several existing toolkits, starting originally as an FPS and then transitioning to a TPS system that was overly complex for our needs, and finally to a simpler custom TPS system designed by myself and a student assistant.

I did all of the level design, kitbashing this from a wide variety of sources, as well as the audio and music system, the pickups, objectives, level interactions, the UI, the texture and material assigning, and was responsible for putting the whole thing together, as well as writing all of the documentation and producing tutorial videos covering implementation.

Ruby Isle Adventure

Tools Used:

Unity, C#, Wwise

  • Created Third/First Person Puzzle Adventure Game for Game Audio Institute for Students learning Audio Implementation with Wwise
  • Lead Developer For Project using Unity C# and Wwise
    • Level design using assets created by artist Brent Heatherwick
    • Created Game Management, Camera Switching, Object Interaction, Pickups, Inventory Management, Character Import, Rigging and Animation
    • Lighting, Materials and VFX configuration
    • Audio System Design Configuration in Wwise – Sound Design for assets
  • Produced Step By Step Documentation and Lesson Plans
This project is another example of a game lesson rather than a shipping game, but this one is focused on implementing audio in Wwise. It was a collaboration between myself and a former student Brent Heatherwick who was interested in puzzle games similar to Myst, and he created all of the 3D artwork and textures in the game as well a some of the underlying puzzle logic.

I combined the first person approach of Myst with a third person setting as a sort of point and click adventure game where the camera would move to first person when examining and interacting with a puzzle, but movement between location was handled with a third person avatar.

I handled a variety of different tasks on this project, including camera management, cursor changes, inventory management, object interaction, level layouts, character import, rigging, and animation. I also designed the curriculum for the lesson as well as the sound design and the implementation in Wwise.

Dangerous Dungeon

Tools Used:

Unity, C#

  • Unfinished In-progress Game Lesson For Game Audio Institute
  • Sole Developer project Utilizing Procedural/Random Generation of Rooms, Floor Types and Room Contents in a 3rd person Dungeon Crawler Setting with an Aztec theme and existing 3D assets from Sketchfab, Blendswap, and OpenGameArt
    • Design, Coding, Level Design, Animation Rigging and Management
    • Dynamic occlusion shader configuration
    • Lighting, VFX using assets, UI design
    • Extensive optimization/decimation of scanned Sketchup models in Blender
This is another game lesson in progress that is meant to serve as a basic game lesson in Unity’s audio system utilizing prefab room objects and walkways that are procedurally spawned into a winding series of passages with traps, obstacles and monsters of different kinds.

This is almost entirely a solo developer project with assets from Bitgem, Sketchup, OpenGameArt and Blendswap being used to adhere to a Mesoamerican dungeon crawler theme. Many Sketchup models were photogrammatic and extremely high poly, requiring extensive optimization and decimation of the model so that it could be used in the game.

I did all of the level design for the rooms and well as the room floor and item generation for a semi-procedural effect. Also handled the rigging for the main character as well as animation management for players and enemies alike, UI/UX, camera management, lighting and trap interactions. It’s still incomplete but I hope to finish it before too long.