Polytempo Music

    • C#, Design, Prototyping
    • Unity, Steam Audio, MIDI Klak
    • Brian Baumbusch / SFCMP

This project for composer Brian Baumbusch, in collaboration with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (SFCMP), is a meditative and interactive visual experience in VR for the Oculus Quest featuring Brian’s 48 minute composition called Polytempo Music. The experience uses spatialized music objects combined with geometric animations and gorgeous, musically reactive visual particle effects. Users can change their viewing and listening position in various ways, experiment with different instrument groupings, as well as playing any of the 12 sections and skipping backwards and forwards at any time.

I am the primary developer for this project and it has been a pleasurable challenge to tackle a wide variety of tasks for this app, involving UI/UX design, Timeline management with dozens of tracks, camera management, object interactions, syncing of particle effects to MIDI tracks, spatial mixing, and much more. Brian and I worked together to achieve what we think is a very special and singular VR app for experiencing his unique musical approach. Shout out also to our visual effects guru Colin Cody-Waters for knocking it out of the park.

polytempo1 polytempo2 polytempo3 polytempo4