Out There (MR experience – Magic Leap)

    • C#, Prototyping
    • Unity
    • Intonic Audio (Pollen Music contract)

This groundbreaking onsite mixed reality (MR) musical experience produced by Wilkins Avenue and Pollen Music along with a star studded cast, including Grammy winner Vanessa Williams, was created for the Magic Leap AR headset, combined with a physical environment overlaid with virtual objects.

For this contract, I worked with sound designer Richard Warp of Intonic Audio to assist in scripting audio interaction with two virtual musical objects for the area. This was a challenge, in that due to strict NDA clauses as a subcontractor, I was not permitted to see any artwork or to work inside the Unity project and had to go entirely by text and audio description of the desired behavior, while mocking it up in Unity myself to test the interaction and verify all was working.

In the end, I did manage to overcome these limitations and delivered the desired behavior, which contributed to the excellent reception for the experience when it premiered at the 2019 Paris Comic-Con.