Jeff Koonse – Garden Test

    • C#, Implementation, Prototyping
    • Unity, Steam Audio
    • AcuteArt VR / Intonic
This was a really interesting job I did for a startup called AcuteArt subcontracting with Intonic Audio and composer Richard Warp, who I previously worked with on the Kizoom Brainventures game. The goal of the website is to serve as a hosting service for VR art experiences, and for their debut they contracted work by several well-known artists – Marina Abramovich, Olafur Eliasson, and Jeff Koonse.

I worked mostly on the project for Jeff Koonse. This was a virtual garden setting for Vive headset on PC, with butterflies that the user could touch and interact with. The butterflies would trigger a generative music system and play notes. This system was adapted from an earlier one devised by Charlie Hugenard and the output was spatialized using Steam Audio.

Unfortunately the garden idea ultimately did not get approved to go forward, so this video demo recorded from the Vive is the only evidence that exists for it. I did also consult on the other two projects in terms of audio mastering and last minute interaction tweaking. Overall a really fun job, just a bit disappointed it never saw the light of day.