Music Maze

    • Audio, C#, Design, Implementation
    • Unity, FMOD
    • Game Audio Institute
I designed this level in Unity in order to show students how you can use different types of interactive music to navigate your way through a maze that only has two directions. In one direction you’ll get progressively positive reinforcement and in the other direction the feedback will be increasingly negative. Utilizing a procedural maze generator I adapted the output to conform to a more simplified layout and designed all interactions and UI in Unity and C#. I also created the demo music. Graham Terry added a lovely bit of live violin on the top.

This game lesson is available in FMOD and Unity audio based flavors through the Game Audio Institute.
Click here to Play in WebGL (only on Mac or PC for now). This demo is a WebGL version based on Unity Audio (FMOD does not work in a browser currently).

Use arrow keys or WSAD and mouse to navigate your way through the demo.