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Immersive Interaction Design

Little Deviants Website

    • Audio
    • Logic Pro
    • Attik Inc.
I designed all sounds and music for the Flash-based promo website created by the Attik ad agency for the Scion XD launch campaign. This campaign used Tim Burton-inspired horror featuring the Little Deviants assaulting the boring Sheeple. The site consisted of ‘chapters’ – short cutscenes with VO, usually followed by a simple game. This was two weeks of intense but fun work of creating Deviant and Sheeple voices, sound effects and several loops of music. All content except announcer VO was delivered and then implemented by Attik into the website.

Click here to Play (Needs Flash to view)

NOTES AND DISCLAIMER: I do not own the copyrights for this work. Use Passcode SLOG to unlock all of the chapters.