Hyperpiano DSP 1.0

    • Audio, C#, Design
    • MaxMSP, Reactivision
    • Self


Probably one of my most ambitious projects, this tangible interface was the first step in trying to create a portable prepared piano of sorts. It utilized a custom interface featuring piezoresistive fabric ribbons on a conductive copper base, using objects that had Reactivision fiducial symbols that would be recognized by Reactivision via an overhead webcam and turned into data that would control instrument switching in MaxMSP using a fluidsynth object playing samples of prepared piano. Sensor data for the ribbons (onset and resistance value) were sent to Max via a SlipOSC code installed on a Teensy microcontroller. Additionally extra controls over the sound were possible by adding a Korg Nanokontrol. The included clip is a demo video, briefly explaining the setup. A short performance clip is available here:

Many thanks to Adrian Freed of CNMAT for invaluable assistance with materials and use of the Teensy!