Hyperpiano DSP 2.0

    • Audio, C#, Design, Implementation, Prototyping
    • Unity, Pure Data, xOSC, Touchscreen, MIDI Keyboard
    • Self

This is the second incarnation of the ongoing Hyperpiano DSP project that I’ve been working on, and I’m quite happy with the results. It uses a large touchscreen with a custom UI I designed in Unity remotely controlling synth, samplers, effects and complex modulators. You can assign controls to nearly every parameter, and there’s also a custom mix routing setup I devised.

There’s a lot of data management going on with this setup. You can save and recall settings from JSON files, and the sampler module here has a webserver running MAMP on the audio machine so that I can retrieve overview images of samples via a simple PHP script and Web requests that populate the sample list. OSC data is formatted from a struct containing all the parameter data and sent to the other computer running audio, and the commands are parsed and routed to the audio engine.

If the super accelerated GIF interaction on the side makes you interested in finding out more, you can click on the video below for the full explanation.