Pearl – Pollen Music Group (Gear VR)

Did consulting work for Pollen Music Group through Intonic contract, analyzed the code in Unity to determine best approaches for integration of ambisonic audio with Easy Movie Texture’s FFMPEG based video playback on GearVR platform.

Video is best played back on Chrome, Edge or Firefox on a device supporting side by side 360 degree video.

Shadow Puppeteer – 2015 Sarepta (Audio Contract for Studio Jory)

Metaphysical Media was privileged to work on this critically acclaimed co-op physics based puzzle platformer. We provided audio implementation assistance to Studio Jory in this Unity based PC and Wii U title using Fabric audio middleware. Duties Included light scripting, configuring of scripts, configuring trigger objects in the Unity scene, and communicating needs to the Programming Lead.

Awards & Recognition:

  • “Winner «Shadow Puppeteer – Indie Prize Europe: Director’s Choice Award»” – Amsterdam, February 2015
  • “Winner «Shadow Puppeteer – Game Connection Development Awards: Most Promising IP»” – San Francisco, March 2015

Brainventures – Kizoom

For this iOS based educational title I worked closely with the founder and the audio director to realize a whimsical, fun series of games oriented to teach children about the brain. This involved designing and implementing all sound effects and music in Unity using Master Audio. Definitely a fun challenge!

Little Deviants – Scion XD campaign (Attik)

I designed all sounds and music for the Flash-based promo website created by the Attik ad agency for the Scion XD launch campaign. This campaign used Tim Burton-inspired horror featuring the Little Deviants assaulting the boring Sheeple. The site consisted of ‘chapters’ – short cutscenes with VO, usually followed by a simple game. This was two weeks of intense but fun work of creating Deviant and Sheeple voices, sound effects and several loops of music. All content except announcer VO was delivered and then implemented by Attik into the website.

Click here to Play (Needs Flash to view)

NOTES AND DISCLAIMER: I do not own the copyrights for this work. Use Passcode SLOG to unlock all of the chapters.

Essential Game Audio (Focal Press)

I designed all of the music and sound effects for this title to accompany our book The Essential Guide to Game Audio. Both the book and the app were published by Focal Press. I also programmed all of the interactive game examples in the app (The Holodeck section) which also featured videos and quizzes. The developer was Zephyr Media and Teravision.

Galaxy Dominion (Fearless Little Toaster)

For this space based RTS mobile game I provided several clips of music and designed an adaptive music system in Unity based on varying levels of tension. Optimization of audio asset file sizes was also important in order for the gameplay to be fast and efficient.

The Boy and the Bears

This low budget indy children’s title used voice recognition to guide the reader through an adventure to teach kids improved behavior, using bears in a treehouse. I provided advice and the relaxing yet curious music for this project.