Time Flock (Cat Cannon Games)

This started out as an entry for the SF Indy Game Jam. The basic plot is that you are a bird that needs to escape and you can slow time down but if you hit an obstacle time reverses and you have to try again, only you have time clones of your previous self to have to take with you. I provided a few high energy music loops for this fun, quick project which was made available on Google Play for a while.

David Geisert – programming and design
Adam Rickert – art and design
Scott R. Looney – audio

Sounds Like Snatch (Whammy Jammy)

Created for the Whammy Jammy game jam, a 48-hour event to make games around the theme of music and sound.

“Sounds Like Snatch” is a game about “snatching” sounds from the environment and using them to activate other creatures and objects in the level to solve puzzles. The game was built with an early version of Stencyl. I handled the music and sound effects, but also handled implementation of a simple four level interactive music score using Stencyl’s visual scripting editor. Each level is triggered in game as you release the notes.

Game Plot:

You are a raccoon who can snatch sounds from one animal or object and play it for another. Use this ability to pass obstacles and break through the wall at the end.

Click here to Play (requires Flash)

Bumble Bounce (Life Is A Game Jam)

Bumble Bounce was made in 27 hours for the “Life Is A Game” Jam with the theme of “Life Is A Game”. Originally conceived as a game about beekeeping, the idea evolved into a pollination game using flowers as slingshots. Bumble Bounce was the Grand Prize winner of the jam. I handled all the sounds effects and music for the team.

Game Plot:

You play as a bee trying to find his way back to the hive, but you’re tired after a long day of pollination and don’t feel like flying anymore. Use the flowers as slingshots to launch yourself back to the hive. It’s also really fun to bounce off of things so the more objects you hit the more points you get. Try to make it to the end with the most points and the most bounces.

Click here to Play