Essential Game Audio (Focal Press)

I designed all of the music and sound effects for this title to accompany our book The Essential Guide to Game Audio. Both the book and the app were published by Focal Press. I also programmed all of the interactive game examples in the app (The Holodeck section) which also featured videos and quizzes. The developer was Zephyr Media and Teravision.

Music Maze – FMOD and Unity demo

This demo is a video of the Music Maze game lesson from the Game Audio Institute. There is a link to a video of the FMOD demonstration and a link to a WebGL version based on Unity (FMOD does not work in a browser currently). I designed this level in Unity in order to show students how you can use different types of interactive music to navigate your way through a maze that only has two directions. In one direction you’ll get progressively positive reinforcement and in the other direction the feedback will be increasingly negative. This game lesson is available in FMOD and Unity audio based flavors through the Game Audio Institute.

Click here to Play in WebGL (only on Mac or PC for now)

Use arrow keys or WSAD and mouse to navigate your way through the demo.

Mysterious Warehouse – Fabric Demo

This demo shows the power and usability of Fabric as well as Unity’s Mixer objects and plugins for creating interesting and immersive sound environments. This Screenflow video annotates the various Fabric features I have employed. The level I am using is from the Game Audio Institute’s Mysterious Warehouse ver 2.0 game lesson. This lesson is based on an older Unity demo which I adapted and designed a simple puzzle based game around, along with some programming assistance from Graham Pezzutti. This level will soon be available from the Game Audio Institutes website as a Unity based lesson with a Fabric-based add-on module.